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As a private company, MMK ALL INVESTMENT LTD is officially registered and licensed by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales under the Companies Act 2006. The company carries out official business activities on the basis of the above certificate (license number 13144311) and in accordance with the regulations of the UK legislation.

The company concludes an investment agreement with each client, where the fact of accepting investments from the client and placing his Deposit is documented, as well as all the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties are spelled out, thereby guaranteeing transparency of business relations and full legal protection of the client and his investments.


Welcome to the official website of MMK Investment

Founded in 2006, today "AleGriM" LLC, is one of the largest wide-profile distributors of both black and non-ferrous metal products on the Russian market. Our reputation as a reliable, responsible and experienced partner who always fulfills its obligations has allowed us to build a strong customer base with thousands of satisfied partners and successful cooperation even outside of our homeland.

Constantly improving the quality of our services, we strive to ensure that our customers use their opportunities as effectively as possible and remain satisfied with the result of cooperation. For this purpose, and in accordance with all necessary legal procedures, a subsidiary company MMK Investment was established as an independent division of "AleGriM" LLC. At the same time, a single investment package was developed with maximum return and minimal risk for all clients, which is based on a thorough analysis and study of the modern financial market and online investment. Thus, investing in the development and further globalization of the company, each client of the company receives a stable income and well-deserved dividends. Our integrity is tested and proven. See for yourself.


We continuously grow and develop only thanks to well-coordinated work and professionalism. The company does not aim to achieve short-term benefits, relying on innovative development and modernization, which ensures effective and sustainable development in the long term. We value our impeccable business reputation and always fulfill all our obligations to our clients and partners. Thanks to our regular partners, we have achieved today's success and plan to develop it in the future.

Recently, the company has undergone a number of global changes that have affected almost all areas of activity. Roll up our sleeves, we are steadily moving towards the goal, actively applying not only the accumulated knowledge and many years of successful experience in financial management, but also a thorough analysis and detailed study of the modern financial market.

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Affiliate program

The eight-step affiliate program of MMK Investment is a unique opportunity for everyone to get a solid passive income in the simplest and most effective way, regardless of whether they are new to the world of affiliate programs or already have professional experience.

10% 1 level
4% 2 level
2% 3 level
1% 4 level
1% 5 level

1% 6 level
0.5% 7 level
0.5% 8 level
0.3% 9 level
0.1% 10 level
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Get a plastic card and accumulate funds for future use. Thanks to non-cash transactions, a plastic card will provide you with convenience in paying for goods and services, as well as the ability to constantly monitor expenses.

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We all know that money is not an end in itself, money is a degree of freedom that everyone wants to get, but not everyone knows how to do it. We know about it! Our active position is determined by many years of experience and ambitious plans for the future. Do not waste time and use this opportunity.

Aug 3, 2021 14:00 Successful results are the basis for new achievements

We present the video of the next MMK Investment webinar

Jul 28, 2021 13:34 Successful results - the basis for new achievements

We invite you to another webinar, where the speaker and active partner of the company, Roman...

Jul 23, 2021 18:51 For our clients, only the best

A new, exclusive service from MMK Investment - a unique apartment program designed specifically...

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At the moment we are forced to complete the promotion ahead of schedule

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