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You invest in further globalisation of the company,
and the company pays you well-deserved dividends.

Welcome to the company MMK Investment!

Founded in 2006, today "AleGriM" LLC is one of the largest wide-profile distributors of both black and non-ferrous metal products on the Russian market. The reputation of a reliable, responsible and experienced partner who always fulfills its obligations has allowed "AleGriM" LLC to build a strong customer base that counts thousands of satisfied partners and successful cooperation even outside of our vast homeland.

By purchasing products directly from manufacturers, we set prices for rolled metal generally lower than the average market price. The quality of sold products is guaranteed: our company cooperates only with proven and leading manufacturers of rolled metal in Russia, and the range of products offered is always maintained at the proper level: the variety of products meets a wide range of needs of our customers. We also buy any products from the manufacturer, including discounted or defective deposits of industry and sell them at a more favorable price after restoration and modernization.

We value our perfect business reputation, and we always fulfill all our obligations to our clients and partners.The company does not aim to achieve short-term benefits. Our priority is to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with reliable partners and clients. As before, we work hard, fast, every day and seven days a week, working for the client and for our own growth and development. We are valued for our quality and timely work and are chosen among dozens of other companies in our market. It is thanks to these factors that we were able to resist the current situation and even decide to restructure and modernize our company, which we have been purposefully pursuing for a long time.

Reload. Revaluation. Refocusing all aspects of our lives. Changes that will make us better and stronger.

Recently, the company has undergone a number of global changes. The transformations at "AleGriM" LLC have affected almost all areas of activity: a complete renewal of all our business structures, expansion of our territorial coverage and multiplication of the volumes of our products, and, most importantly, the development of new niches and leading industries. We are currently developing a new corporate website design, and we are conducting a fundamental re-branding of all our web resources and corporate identity. Roll up our sleeves, we are moving steadily towards a goal that has only one small hurdle in the way.

Like any large-scale project, our expansion involves certain investments. Of course, we can apply to all kinds of financial institutions and banks, or even enter the stock exchange and engage in trading, but... We decided to choose a different way — open up for our clients and partners the opportunity not only to cooperate with our company, but also to become a shareholder of "AleGriM" LLC. The plan is very simple — you invest in the development and further globalization of the company, the company pays you well-deserved dividends. For this purpose, and in accordance with all necessary legal procedures, a branch of MMK Investment was established as an independent unit of "AleGriM" LLC.

We value each of our clients since 2006, but at the same time our reputation is important to us. Business partnerships can be effective and long-term, and can lead to a breakdown of relationships even between the closest people. That is why we have developed an Investment agreement that sets out all the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties, as a kind of guarantee of getting a high result.

registered company
Transparent activity
Stable profit
Professional development

History of company development

2006 Start of activity:

establishment of “Alegrim” LLC.

2008 Overcoming the difficulties of the initial stage:

formation and dynamic regional development.

2011 Time to increase:

work with high-profile clients, total expansion of the product range.

2015 Registration of a legal organization:

focus on the main goal.

2017 Restructure and consolidation:

building new pathways.

2019 New tasks and stages of the company's progress:

start of development of an online platform for attracting additional working capital.

2020 Sustainable development:

creation of a subsidiary company MMK Investment and launch of an online platform of the same name.

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We all know that money is not an end in itself, money is a degree of freedom that everyone wants to get, but not everyone knows how to do it. We know about it! Our active position is determined by many years of experience and ambitious plans for the future. Do not waste time and use this opportunity.


    An important component of our work aimed at achieving sustainable development goals is ensuring the integrity and profitability of our business, which is a precondition for sustainable growth and development for our customers.

  • HIGH

    Our investment package is characterized by a high level of stability and sufficient profitability at any time due to the special management organization and methods of financial distribution.


    We conduct our business honestly and transparently and demand the highest quality in all processes and directions. We strive to work effectively, fully understand the expectations of our customers, and try to exceed these expectations every day.

  • 24/7 TECHNICAL

    In any difficult situation, the client can contact the Company's Support Service to get the necessary information.

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We really appreciate your time and provide a high level of service, and our own methods and corporate standards allow us to perform our work efficiently and with full responsibility, so that the planned prospects become a reality in a short time.

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