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Legal responsibility and confidentiality

The continuous growth of MMK Investment is both a goal and a process. Horizontal development expands our activities geographically, opens up fundamentally other interesting directions in business, accelerates the development of new niches and industries.

Vertical development provides us with a qualitative transition to a higher level of technical excellence and quality in everything we do. Solving various tasks, we transfer the accumulated experience to other areas of activity, keep our finger on the pulse and readily go forward.

With a broad and ambitious outlook on the world, MMK Investment is expanding its field of activity, opening a Group of Companies to defend common business interests in one place or another in the world, increase the efficiency of business and successful work in each direction.

As a private Company MMK ALL INVESTMENT LTD officially registered and licensed by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales under the Companies Act 2006. The company carries out official business activities on basis of the certificate (license number 13144311) and in accordance with the regulations of the UK legislation. Its purpose is to protect the interests of MMK Investment in the international space, promotion of the company and the establishment of reliable partnerships with clients from EU.

Memorandum and Articles Registration Certificate Certificate

Joint Stock Company "All Investments"

The priority direction of the official business activity, which carried out by the Joint Stock Company "All Investments", is the development of MMK Investment in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. In addition, in the near future we plan to register and create our own author's school with its speakers and teachers who will personally teach our investors and partners the basic principles of investing and financial literacy. The joint-stock company acts on the basis of the Certificate of State Registration (Main state registration number 1197746648110) issued by the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

MMK Investment's policy is to guide consistently and purposefully all our activities. We want our customers to be as satisfied as possible in order to create sustainable and long-term partnerships and count on us as a reliable partner. For these reasons, we strive to operate with the highest level of transparency and honesty and comply with all laws, rules and regulations in all countries in which we operate.

We give our clients two types of guarantees: legal and ethical. As a global company, we operate within a wide range of legal and regulatory requirements that protect our customers and partners around the world. We comply with the legal requirements of each country in which a representative office or subject of the Group of Companies operates.

The most important thing that protects our clients is the contract. An Investment Loan contract is an official document that secures our responsibility to the client and is legally binding, in which all the nuances and details are spelled out. The company signs an Investment Loan contract with each client, which documents the fact of accepting investments from the client and placing his loan, as well as spelling out all the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties, thereby guaranteeing transparency of business relations and full legal protection of the client and his investments.

At the moment, the possibility of concluding a contract is successfully used by “All Investments” JSC in cooperation with residents of the Russian Federation with planned further implementation in each country in which our representative office or a subject of the Group of Companies operates and conducts its activities.

Conclusion of an investment loan contract

An investment loan contract between the Company and the client concluded automatically from the moment the client deposits funds to the Company's accounts. Automatic formation of a contract protected completely from external influences and aimed at preventing fraudulent actions of users. With each new loan is concluded a new Investment Loan contract, i.e. one client can have several loans and, therefore, several contracts. All contracts have the same legal force and are valid for the entire period of the loan.

How the Investment Loan Contract concluded:

  • When registering on our website, the client enters correct personal data and provides correct personal documents. Otherwise, the contract concluded on basis of incorrect personal data will considered invalid and will have no legal force.
  • After registering on our website, transferring funds and opening a loan, the client clicks on the "Download Contract" button in order to receive a legal confirmation of the receipt of their investments with all the necessary data to our Company. Important! To conclude an investment loan contract, you must go through the verification procedure.

Subject to all conditions of the contract, it is considered to be legally valid and entered into legal force.

Investment loan contract Partnership agreement The act of acceptance and transfer of funds Rules for working partners Instructions for working with the site

Legal aspect

The transfer of funds (loan) of the client to the company recorded in two directions:

  • The algorithm (software) of the system monitors the placement of funds in the Company's databases and on its servers, storing this information for statistical processing and financial reporting of the Company. All information about the client's financial transactions is available in his personal account.
  • The company provides information on its financial activities to the relevant fiscal supervisory and regulatory authorities. For this reason, it is necessary to have correct documents confirming all financial transactions of the client on the accounts of the Company.

A code of ethics is an integral part of our culture and our company. It is not only the results that matter, but also how they achieved.

It is difficult to take into account all the working moments and circumstances in the contract. But it is important for us that you know that we value good relations with each client and act responsibly, honestly, honestly and transparently, adhering to high standards that meet the expectations of society, to ensure a comfortable and trusting relationship between the company and our clients and meet high partnerships business standards.

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