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Legal responsibility and confidentiality
Investment agreement conclusion

The investment agreement between the Company and the client is concluded automatically from the moment the client deposits funds to the Company's accounts. Automatic agreement generation is fully protected from external influence and is aimed at preventing malicious user actions. With each new Deposit, a new Investment agreement is concluded, i.e. one client can have several deposits and, consequently, several agreements. All agreements have the same legal force and are valid for the entire period of the Deposit.

How an Investment agreement is concluded:

  • When registering on our site, the client enters correct personal data and provides correct personal documents. Otherwise, the agreement concluded on the basis of incorrect personal data will be considered invalid and will not have legal force.
  • After registering on our site, transferring funds and creating a Deposit, the client clicks on the "Download agreement" button to get a legally executed confirmation of receipt of their investment with all the necessary data to our Company.

If all the conditions are met, the Agreement is considered legally valid and entered into force.

The legal aspect

The transfer of funds (Deposit) of the client to the company is recorded in two directions:

  • The system's algorithm (software) tracks the placement of funds in the Company's databases and on its servers, storing this information for statistical processing and financial reporting of the Company. All information about the client's financial transactions is available in their personal account.
  • The company provides information about its financial activities to the relevant fiscal and regulatory authorities. For this reason, it is necessary to have correct documents confirming all the client's financial transactions on the Company's accounts.

To do this, the Company concludes an Investment agreement with each client, which documents the fact of accepting investments from the client and placing his Deposit, as well as all the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties. Thus, the Company guarantees transparency of business relations and full legal protection of the client and his investments, supporting the stated obligations with appropriate contractual relations.


The company has an official business activity operating on the basis of a Certificate of state registration issued on 18.05.2015 (Main state registration number 1157746447572) Unified state register of legal entities of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation.



The company concludes an investment agreement with each client, where the fact of accepting investments from the client and placing his Deposit is documented, as well as all the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties are spelled out, thereby guaranteeing transparency of business relations and full legal protection of the client and his investments.


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