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From investment to income multiplication

It is simple and profitable to work with us!

MMK Investment is interested in joint promotion and launches an incentive program for all clients who want to increase their savings. We do not hold a promotion, but make a sensation - an additional bonus of up to 10% of your Deposit amount! All you have to do is make a unique author's video review of your experience with MMK Investment.

Mandatory conditions

To get a bonus, it is important to follow the following procedure:
  • Register on the MMK Investment website.
  • Make a personal investment
  • Share your opinion and experience of working with the company in the video review. The video length is at least 3 minutes, and the quality of shooting and voice accompaniment is acceptable. Important! The more content and creative your video is, the greater the bonus amount paid to you by the company.
To get a bonus, it is important to follow the following procedure:

So, you will not only help us to tell about our Company and attract potential customers, but also get a significant reward on your account.

  • Post your video review on your social networks, blogs, and channels, and share it with your friends, colleagues, and followers.
  • Send the links of the posted video to the following email address:
Bonuses are credited automatically within 48 hours after the application is completed and all the necessary conditions are met. The amount of the bonus paid ranges from 3 to 10% of the client's Deposit amount and depends on the quality of the video review, its content and visual perception.

The bonus is paid to the same client once a month and only if all the above conditions are met. The best video reviews will be posted on the official social networks and YouTube channel of MMK Investment.

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If you have a question regarding the work of our company, please leave your contact information in a special feedback form and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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