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Any information that the user provides to the site Administration may not be disclosed or transferred to third parties, except in cases provided in the legislation of the country in which the user operates. To register on the site, the user must enter personal information: first name, last name, address, email, etc. To verify the provided data, the Administration reserves the right to require proof of identity. Your IP address and time of access to the system is stored in the databases of the site's security server in accordance with Your user ID in order to prevent fraud. To identify the client's browser session and to store some personal preferences the server uses cookies.

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The site Administration uses users ' personal information to maintain their personal accounts and to improve the quality of services provided. Unless otherwise specified, the Administration may use the data collected from the site to improve its content, to improve it in accordance with the preferences of site users, to exchange information with site users, for marketing and research purposes. In addition, the Administration has the right to fully use all information received on the site in a non-personally identifiable form. Under no circumstances can the information that users transmit to the Administration be disclosed to third parties, except in cases stipulated by law, or when the administration considers such actions necessary to comply with legal procedures.


To control personal information, the system can implement mechanisms for verifying users and their personal data. The user is responsible for any consequences of providing false data. If some data has changed, the user must contact the technical support Service to make adjustments. The site Administration ensures the security of user accounts from unauthorized access. The user is obliged to keep the data of their account secret and not to transfer this information to third parties.

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