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These Terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) regulate the procedure for cooperation and investment activities between MMK Investment (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and users of the Company's website (hereinafter - the Client). These rules are fully recognized by the Client when registering on the Company's Website. The rules also contain an exhaustive list of the obligations assumed by the Company under this Agreement, and the Client's obligations that are subject to strict execution on his part. The Client and the Company (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) agree to support the full acceptance of these rules in the context of their actual pronunciation and form set out below.

General conditions

1.1. Any individual who at the time of registration on the Company's website has reached the age of majority and is fully capable in accordance with the laws of their country, and provided that the activities offered in accordance with these Rules do not contradict the laws of their country of residence, can be a member of the Company.

1.2 The registration process on the Site, as well as further cooperation, including investments and promotions is a decision made by the Client voluntarily, without any external influence, force or threats.

1.3 The registration procedure is the final legal fact confirming that the client fully accepts all the terms of these Terms and conditions and voluntarily agrees to perform their duties without exception.

1.4 All text, audio and video materials contained on the Site, as well as the design of the site as a whole or fragments (with possible changes and / or additions) and any other information contained on the Site are intellectual objects that are protected by international copyright laws, and they are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company and can only be used after a written agreement with the legal department of the Company.

1.5 The Client accepts and agrees that all information, including articles, videos, opinions (including third-party experts) published (or which may be published) on the Site should be considered only as a recommendation. The Client is entirely responsible for the consequences of using it in practice.

1.6 All disputes and other issues that may arise between the Parties in the course of business interaction are resolved exclusively through negotiations until the final result is reached that suits the Parties.

Rights, obligations and liability of the Client

2.1 When registering on the Company's Website, the Client must specify only the correct, up-to-date information necessary for the correct registration procedure.

2.2 The Client has the right to register only one unique account on the Site. The uniqueness of an account is determined by a combination of the user's name, email address, and IP address, and other identifiers that are used for identification by the system. To prevent fraudulent access to a unique account by third parties, the Client agrees to use a set of numbers, letters and symbols when creating a password to logging in to their account.

2.3 The Client performs investment activities (makes deposits) only voluntarily, without compulsion and on his / her own initiative; the Client is fully responsible for all possible consequences of these actions.

2.4 The Client has the right to invite new participants to the project, attracting them to cooperate with the Company, providing them with advertising materials of the Company, using their unique referral link and using further, but always and only legal methods. For example, using Internet tools (messengers), as well as using legal methods of advertising and placing information about the company on the project resources, which include thematic forums, groups, and social networks. The Client also has the right to use any other methods and actions aimed at promoting the project, which are not subject to the ban provided in international law governing such activities on the Internet.

2.5 The Client has the right to sign an "Investment agreement" for each of their deposits.

2.6 The client acknowledges and agrees that the fact of making an investment in the project is a confirmation of the "Investment agreement" with all legal consequences of this action.

2.7 The Client agrees that it is obliged to provide only publicly reliable information about the company, and does not have the right to make any public (written and / or oral) statements and / or actions that discredit the business reputation of the Company; the Client agrees that any such actions committed by him in the media, blogs, social networks and other media are not allowed under any circumstances.

2.8 The Client undertakes to use the company's contact information and address solely for its intended purpose and in order to improve mutual cooperation. The Client agrees and acknowledges that under no circumstances will use the Company's contacts and address to distribute personal and other advertisements aimed at sending spam and information about other projects and companies, as well as attempts to correspond with the Company's employees to resolve issues not related to these Rules and / or the Client's investment activities.

2.9 The Client undertakes to ensure that their personal data and authorization data (username and password) are kept completely secure and used for data protection, as well as for the protection of the personal computer on which the investment activity is carried out (licensed antivirus software and firewalls).

2.10 The Client undertakes to report incidents and / or attempts of unauthorized access to their account by third parties to the Company's Support Department.

2.11 The Client agrees and acknowledges that in case of violation of one or more points of these Rules, the Company has the right to unilaterally apply the appropriate penalties provided for each possible case.

Rights, obligations and liability of the Company

3.1 The Company provides the Client with uninterrupted access to information and system resources through the use of a personal account in the system after the Client confirms the terms and conditions.

3.2 The Company ensures the confidentiality of personal data provided by the Client, as well as information about financial transactions. Data is stored in the Company's databases, including in the Client's personal account. The data provided by the Client or entered in the course of interaction with the client is not transmitted to third parties under any circumstances. The Company is not responsible for the safety of the provided data if the Client intentionally or not intentionally fails to provide the required level of protection of their personal data, account, when the Client voluntarily transmits any information that is private and confidential to third parties.

3.3 The Company gives the Client the right to conclude an "Investment agreement" and undertakes to strictly comply with all the provisions of this Agreement.

3.4 The Company provides guaranteed timely accrual of income to the Client in accordance with the investment offer available at this particular time.

3.5 The Company has the right to implement measures aimed at raising the Client's awareness of events and activities implemented by the Company's current project by sending an e-mail notification of the relevant content.

3.6 The company reserves the right to make changes to these Rules unilaterally and at its sole discretion. The Company undertakes to inform the Client about such changes in the content of these Rules, as well as about the expected date of entry into force of these changes, by posting the relevant information on the official website of the company or sending a notification by email to the address that the Client specified during the registration procedure.

3.7 The company has the right to terminate the Client's Account and funds in cases when the Client: intentionally or unintentionally violates these rules;
negatively and, therefore, incorrectly, publicly, using any media, speaks about the Company or its employees, as well as other members of the Company;
carries a newsletter using SPAM;
creates more than one account in the Company's project;
ignores the terms of the "investment Agreement".
intentionally creates conditions that may cause site failures;
uses malicious and / or virus programs that are intended to degrade the performance of the Company's Website;
uses malicious and / or virus programs aimed at seizing personal data of other clients and / or data stored in the databases of the Company's website;
uses the Company's investment program to launder money;
uses funds obtained illegally and / or in violation of public agreements in the investment process;
displays ethnic and / or religious intolerance towards other clients;
commits and / or has committed any act that is subject to a criminal offense.


4.1 Profit is calculated in accordance with the current investment offers and in accordance with the terms of the "Investment agreement".

4.2 The profit from the invested amount is credited to the Client's personal account balance.

4.3 Funds are withdrawn manually by the Client after the request is created, provided that the nominal value of the requested amount of the available balance on the Client's account is fulfilled.

4.4 A withdrawal request is created by the Client without the Company's participation, through an electronic payment system that corresponds to the currency of the Deposit made by the Client.

4.5 The Client confirms and agrees that they will not submit complaints to the Company in case of violation of procedural deadlines, when the requested payment was not made on time due to force majeure, technical problems on the sites of electronic payment systems, or other reasons beyond the control of the company. The Company's policy allows you to change the type of payment from daily to weekly or monthly. The client agrees that these factors are force majeure circumstances that cannot fall within the scope of the company's competence and responsibility.

4.6 The Client fully accepts and agrees with paragraph 3.7 of these Rules and confirms that the client is fully responsible for any negative consequences that may result in violation of this paragraph.

Warranties and restrictions of liability

5.1 The Company's activities are implemented in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as in terms of international investment cooperation - in accordance with international law.

5.2 The Company provides guaranteed income to the Client, using sources of profitability, supporting the activities of metal rolling businesses.

5.3 The Company undertakes to ensure the correct and uninterrupted operation of the site in accordance with these Rules.

5.4 In cases when the failure of the Site was not caused by the Company and by unprofessional actions of employees, the Company is not responsible for the consequences, but guarantees the fullest possible restoration of the site and all its systems.

Term of validity, changes and termination of the Investment agreement

6.1 The agreement on mutual business cooperation is concluded with the Client's acceptance in accordance with paragraphs 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of these Rules and is valid for the entire period of the Company's project implementation.

6.2 The Company reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to these Rules, without prior notification of the Client about the plans and reasons for that the company may implement such changes. The Client accepts and agrees that he is obliged to monitor all possible changes and additions that the company may make to the text of the Regulations and / or the content of any section of the site. The Company provides information about all changes or additions in the "News" section of the site.

6.3 If the Client violates the terms of these Rules, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Client's account without warning and subsequent negotiations and consultations.

Correlation of the "Investment agreement" with these Rules

7.1 All legal relations arising between the Company and the Client as a result of the "Investment agreement" will be regulated exclusively by these Rules and the laws of the Russian Federation and cannot be considered and / or disputed by any other authority in any other country.

7.2 The Company guarantees complete confidentiality of the subject matter of the "Investment agreement" signed with the Client in accordance with these Rules and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Final regulations

8.1 These rules are freely available to all visitors and clients of the project on the official website in the "Rules" and "Registration" sections.

8.2 The parties acknowledge that these Rules are a cooperation agreement, which is a fact of registration signed by the client, has mutual legal force and cannot be disputed by third parties.

8.3 The parties acknowledge and confirm that any cooperation between the Parties is in the manner of a private transaction, the details and terms of which cannot be disclosed to third parties.

8.4 The parties acknowledge and confirm that the use of client spam results in the termination of this Agreement without the possibility of restoring the status quo.

8.5 Any content on the Company's Website in its entirety, including the "Investment agreement", if necessary in whole or in part (in case of compliance with the new agreements reached, for example) is automatically related to these Rules and is subject to compliance by the Parties in the same manner as the Rules.

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