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May 15, 2021 12:09

Let's support a good tradition!

Charity in the modern world is an integral part of a developed society, in which people think about their future, the world in which their children will live, and show mercy. Goodness, conscience and mercy are eternal values, and the joint search for answers to questions related to traditions, foundations, spiritual and cultural values ​​unites people of different nationalities, confessions, ages and worldviews.

The tradition of sacrifice is in all cultures, all peoples, but now it has acquired a deeper and more philosophical meaning. The true meaning of one of the main Islamic holidays - the Day of Sacrifice - Eid al-Adha, lies in caring for a neighbor, regardless of his nationality and religion, in the willingness to sacrifice his property and show his generosity and piety.

There are many children in our country who need support not only from the state, but also from business and society as a whole. Often they are deprived of the opportunity to realize their dreams and desires, and just a normal life, and that is why they are the subject of our special care in the first place. We are glad that we were able to actively support the Believe in Dream Foundation and attract many caring people to participate. We remind you that everyone can make a contribution to the fund: large one-time donations or small systematic donations at their discretion. For convenience, we have installed a direct donation button in your personal account, where you can donate any amount in any convenient way. We may not be able to help everyone we would like, but together we will help a lot more!

Thanks to everyone and everyone!


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