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May 22, 2021 22:21

Making childhood dreams come true

Dear friends!

Very soon the 1st of June, the holiday of the most mischievous and cheerful, sincere and bright - Children's Day. This is not only a fun holiday, not only a day when many friendly families gather in parks and noisy events. It is also a serious reminder to society of the need to protect every child, to enable all children in the world to grow up as happy, healthy and responsible people. After all, absolutely every child has a legal right to a happy childhood and this right is the same for all children.

As part of our cooperation with the Believe in a Dream Charitable Foundation, we call on all kind and caring people to join and help us to make children's dreams come true. Let's all together help children who, like no one else, deserve our protection and our participation! These children need positive emotions, a charge of energy, wonderful gifts, bright and warm memories not only on holidays, but every day and every minute. Like at the recent Ignite the Dream event, within the framework of a joint project with the "Believe in a Dream" foundation, one of the sponsors of which is MMK Investment.

Do not stand aside, let's give love to children together, regardless of the holidays - they always reciprocate!


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