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Jul 13, 2021 17:49

We are extending the Bali promotion!

We heard the wishes of our clients and not only extended the amazing joint promotion from MMK Investment with Davchange - a trip to the fabulous island of Bali, but also supplemented it! Even more trips and even more opportunities for a first-class rest and recharge with the energy of a marvelous paradise island!

We remind you that the exclusive trip for two "All Inclusive" includes:

☑️ flies in both directions,

☑️ transfer,

☑️5 star hotel,

☑️ delicious three meals a day,

☑️ the most interesting excursions and entertainment,

☑️6 days and 5 nights - in a word, everything for your relaxed and active holiday!

Term: from June 10 to August 10.

To participate in the promotion, you must complete one of the following points:

1. personal contribution of $ 40,000;

2. turnover of the structure in the amount of $ 80,000 from the first 3 levels.

We have also provided for another option for participation in the promotion, which provides only a certificate for hotel accommodation without additional options: in this case, only a personal contribution of ???? 20,000 must be made.

Important!! Only new replenishments from your personal account or through the purchase of the internal currency of MMK Investment using the official exchange partner Davchange or at the office of MMK Investment will be taken into account in the promotion.

We hope that you will appreciate our concern and actively use this opportunity!





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