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Aug 4, 2020 17:49

Even closer, more accessible

In order to offer the best and most innovative solutions, as well as high quality and excellent service, it is important to develop close relationships with customers and constantly learn from the information they receive. This is the main principle that is promoted by the creative director of MMK Investment, a professional, intelligent, and, finally, just a beauty - Elena Georgadze.

At one time, she organically joined the MMK Investment team and continues to be one of the key figures in the company. In addition to responsibility, commitment and creativity, Elena has extensive professional experience that can be trusted without doubt.

And we are proud to announce that from now on she will share it not only at business meetings and negotiations, but also in the online space. Despite the heavy workload and lack of time, Elena is now preparing her first welcome video message to our customers, which we will present very soon. 

She also promises to regularly update her pages on social networks, share information with you, study your feedback, requests and proposed ideas, discuss and, if possible, communicate. It will be possible to subscribe to her pages on social networks in a few days. Stay tuned.

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