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Oct 29, 2020 22:16

Safety and comfort for your success

Increasing key performance indicators on a daily basis, we strive for the best result and look for the maximum number of opportunities to achieve it. We are open, tactful, polite and extremely honest in our interactions both with our clients and with the business community, of which MMK Investment is a part. Along with this, the stable actions of ill-wishers to tarnish our business reputation clearly demonstrate that MMK Investment is a reliable company with which people want to do business and in which they want to work.

Recently, in the official chats of our company, cases of advertising, calls and invitations to various projects and companies that have nothing to do with MMK Investment have become more frequent. Not being a client or investor of the company, some pseudo-users send letters of cooperation directly to the chat or personally to our clients. In this regard, we have opened a new closed chat, access to which will be provided only to active investors and partners of the company.

To join, you must send a request to the chat moderators via Telegram:

After check, the new user will be added to the chat and will be able to participate in discussions, comment and share their impressions.

We also strongly recommend not to be provoked by personal contact, immediately block scammers and immediately inform our Support Service. After all, it is your sincere responses that make our work meaningful and effective and motivate us to create a first-class service that will be convenient for every user to work with.

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If you have a question regarding the work of our company, please leave your contact information in a special feedback form and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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Dear friends!

We are glad to announce that in the framework of successful cooperation with the exchange service Davchange, we are conducting a joint promotion!

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