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Nov 4, 2020 13:35

Summing up the results for October

Positioning itself as a successful and dynamic international company that reliably provides maximum profit and return to all persons involved in our activities, MMK Investment does not plan to stop there. We plan to become even better, more progressive and show outstanding results with each new stage of our activity. In the meantime, we present the monthly results for October:

1. Presentation of a new partner of MMK Investment - Smilesloft LLC, which produces furniture for offices and trade enterprises. This is a new direction of our activity, in which all resources have been mobilized, including the investments of our clients and partners. Ahead of us is the implementation of our own large-scale production of a full cycle and the status of one of the leading companies in this industry.

2. Large-scale work to improve the level of financial security and advanced security and data encryption technologies. As part of our commitment to serving customers to the highest quality standards, MMK Investment does its best to ensure that all our customers' requests are processed quickly and reliably.

3. Video acquaintance with the corporate lawyer of MMK Investment Dan Gaynanov. Positive experience, high qualifications and professional skill in the use of regulatory mechanisms allows our company to offer clients the best legal assistance and provide the highest quality legal services.

4. Presentation of a new MMK Investment promo video from Bisembay Abdukalikov, a partner and official representative of the company in the Russian Federation. With many years of experience in the industry, Bisembay explains in detail all the nuances and privileges of our activities, and also clearly and dynamically conveys the main idea to the viewer - to invest in metal rolling is reliable and profitable!

5. Creation of a new private chat only for active investors and partners of the company. After all, it is your sincere responses that make our work meaningful and effective and motivate us to create a first-class service that will be convenient for every user to work with.

⬆️ And, according to tradition, another important achievement - 31.26% of the net profit paid to our partners and investors last month.

Stable profit growth clearly shows that we are moving in the right direction. And the most important achievement is our clients, who have grown in number. On behalf of our large team, we would like to thank all clients and investors for their trust. Every day, you give us a powerful incentive for fruitful work and new achievements!

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