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Jul 3, 2020 16:06

Closed business meetings for partners

To develop and strengthen the working environment and to exchange business experience, MMK Investment organizes a unique format of closed business meetings that have no analogues in the market and is designed for a narrow circle of partners and investors. The format of a closed business meeting involves not only an intensive, deep “immersion” in the business process, but also gives time for personal communication with both the management and experts of the company, as well as with other partners and representatives of MMK Investment.

During the meetings, you will:

✓ Take part in discussions on professional topics and in solving important strategic tasks;

✓ Be able to share experiences and form their proposals and initiatives;

✓ Make useful contacts that can help in your work and career at MMK Investment.

Detailed information on the date, place and time of the meetings we will provide to all interested parties upon request sent to the email address:

We thank all our partners for their active participation in the life of the company and sincerely hope that together we will be able to create a professional business community for the successful development of our cooperation.

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