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Jan 9, 2021 18:36

Updating the timing of payment processing

Dear partners, clients and colleagues!

After a short but eventful vacation, we are back to work and are ready to conquer the planned peaks with a vengeance. Considering the powerful leap in development and geographic expansion of our company, as well as the steady growth in the number of new clients, we decided to make some changes regarding the payment schedule and the speed of their implementation. Starting today, the established procedure for making payments in 3 working days will be changed to 5 working days. Anticipating all the questions, misunderstandings and misunderstandings, we would like to note that this is a logical step in the development of our company, associated both with the growth in the number of our clients and with the number and amounts of payments as well. A wide range of payment instruments for the convenience of our users, as well as the features of some systems, also led to the need to make changes. For example, the rules for bank transfers after processing on our part range from one minute to 3 working days, which may lead to a delay in payment through no fault of ours.

That is why, and not for any other reason, we are making changes to the process to maximize productivity and meet our customer service commitments promptly. We promise that we will continue to delight you with our joint achievements.

Thank you for being with us!

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