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Apr 12, 2021 17:57

Let's do good together

In today's reality, only a systematic approach to providing assistance and charity can lead to changes in the future. The more people are able to make a contribution, the greater the chance that charity will become the most common thing, and it will be possible to help more people in need.

We believe that the best way to draw attention to a problem that needs to be addressed is to speak out loud about charity. Without false modesty, with pride and a sense of accomplishment, we would like to share a video message of gratitude from the President of the "Believe in a Dream" Foundation and Ambassador of Peace Svetlana Nebyanskaya-Bukhtaeva. We also want to thank all of our partners for their disinterested contribution to improving the quality of life of children whose opportunities are limited by diseases or social circumstances. Thank you for your support, responsiveness and concern. Separately, we would like to note our Kazakhstani partners, who provided almost 70% of the total amount of donations. It is insanely pleasant and joyful to realize that there are always those nearby who are ready to respond to a request, help and support.

We remind you that everyone can make a contribution to the "Believe in a Dream" Foundation: for convenience, we have installed a direct donation button in your personal account, where you can donate any amount in any convenient way. Thanks to everyone and everyone!


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